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Our Contribution in Global Peacekeeping

Bangladesh became the member of the UN on September 17, 1974. The country started its journey of peacekeeping by contributing a group of officers to United Nations Iran-Iraq Military Observers Group (UNIMOG) in 1988. For the last thirty years Bangladesh has been participating in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (UNPKO) and has become one of the key contributors in establishing peace globally. Out of total 69 peace msn since 1948, Bangladesh has successfully participated in 54 missions. So far, 1,63,887 peacekeepers from Bangladesh have participated in UN mission in 40 different countries. Currently Bangladesh is one of the leading troop contributors with 6,582 peacekeepers mostly in Africa. Out of 22 current UN sponsored mission, BD peacekeepers are deployed in 09 peacekeeping missions in 08 different countries. Seventy years down the line since its beginning in 1948, UN peacekeeping has evolved from comparatively small, conventional military operations to multifaceted and multinational operations. Being a country committed to peace, Bangladesh has always been keen in contributing for peace across the globe. Accordingly, Bangladesh Army also remained dedicated in the Peacekeeping Operations it was assigned with. Bangladesh Army’s role in UN peacekeeping has always been applauded by the international community. Key factors that aided Bangladesh Army in gaining the global acceptance and credibility are professionalism, discipline, discharging assigned duties with impartiality, maintaining international standard vis-à-vis UN standard and adherence to the mandate. Moreover, Bangladeshi people are easily moved by the misery of distressed people and hence our troops don’t really hesitate to sacrifice their happiness for others. This was proved many a time in the past. In the course of peace initiatives, till May 2019, total 117 Bangladesh Army personnel have made supreme sacrifices while more 209 were injured.

On going peacekeeping missions

Sl.CountryMission NameMilitary ObserverMilitary StaffsContingentsTotal
1 Congo MONUSCO 3 20 1360 1383
2 Mali MINUSMA 0 32 1202 1234
3 Central African Republic MINUSCA 8 21 1196 1225
4 Sudan UNMISS 5 30 1401 1436
5 Sudan UNAMID 0 1 0 1
6 Western Sahara MINURSO 2 0 20 22
7 Sudan UNISFA 1 1 0 2
8 UNMHA 0 1 0 1
9 UNIFIL 0 1 0 1
10 DPO+NLD 0 9 0 9

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UN Recognizes the Contribution of BD Peacekeepers


UN Recognizes the Contribution of BD Peacekeepers


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