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List of Cadet College

Barisal Cadet College. Web Site Link

Barisal Cadet College is a military high school in Rahmatpur, Babuganj, Barisal, Bangladesh. It is located 12 km from Barisal, beside the Dhaka Barisal highway. Before the independence of Bangladesh, the then Pakistan government established four cadet colleges by following the British public schools' model. After independence, due to the success of those schools, the Bangladesh Defense Force kept those colleges (which are high schools by American definition) and established eight more cadet colleges (three girls and five boys). Previously, it was Barisal Residential Model College. In 1981 the Bangladesh government converted it into a cadet college.

Comilla Cadet College Web Site Link

CCC is located in Kotbari, Comilla, about 8 km from the center of Comilla. A paved road connects the campus with town and points of interest in the vicinity. Most of the college’s land and buildings are surrounded by concrete walls with patrolled gates. CCC owns approximately 52 acres (21 ha) of land, including cadet dormitories known as "houses", staff quarters, academic buildings, a mosque, dining hall, storage facilities, a hospital, a fish pond, sports facilities and administrative offices. The campus is largely self-contained; however, seriously ill cadets are provided care at the nearby Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

Faujdarhat Cadet College Web Site Link

Faujdarhat Cadet College boards 300 boys between the ages of 12 and 18, 50 in each year for grades 7 to 12. Admission is through a nationwide test composed of written, oral, medical examinations & ISSB. It was the first cadet college to be established in erstwhile East Pakistan. It was established on 28 April 1958[1] by New Zealander William Maurice Brown. Until 1965, it was known as the East Pakistan Cadet College. The Principal of the school is ranked Lieutenant Colonel, and is appointed by the Adjutant General's branch of the Bangladesh Army.

Feni Girls’ Cadet College Web Site Link

Feni Girls’ Cadet College is the 11th among 12 cadet colleges in Bangladesh. The College aims at producing well disciplined, devoted and self sacrificing young citizen who strive for excellence to be globally competent. The education is imparted with a view to inculcating in them values of respect, loyalty and ethical awareness that will help them to lead a life of honesty, integrity and dignity.The overall system and management in Feni Girls’ Cadet College is designed in such a way that the cadets get all types of facilities needed for their balanced growth.

Jhenaidah Cadet College Web Site Link

Jhenidah Cadet College is one of the twelve (12) specialized residential public schools of the country. The college was established on 18 October 1963, with the first intake in 1964. It is the second cadet college among all Cadet Colleges in terms of Seniority. It is located by the side of Jhenidah-Kustia High Way, two kilometers away to the north of Jhenidah town. The campus has an area of 103 acres (42 hectare).

Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College Web Site Link

‘Shikkhai Progoti’-keeping this motto in mind, Joypurhat Girls’ Cadet College launched its voyage on 15 April 2006 with 100 Cadets from Class VII and VIII. Afterwards, each year Cadets have been regularly recruited in Class VII only. The official process to convert the earlier abandoned cement factory into a cadet college began in early 2004. The construction and renovation of phase-1 was completed by 2005. It was finally and officially inaugurated by the then honourable Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia on 16 July 2006. According to the date of establishment, it is 3rd among the girls’ cadet colleges and 12th among all the cadet colleges of Bangladesh.

Mirzapur Cadet College Web Site Link

Mirzapur Cadet College is a cadet college of Bangladesh. Like other cadet colleges it follows the national curriculum prescribed by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) and gives emphasis to extracurricular and co-curricular activities.

Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College. Web Site Link

Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College was established on 01 June 1982 covering 27.37 acres of land in the heart of Mymensingh town. It was the first girls' cadet college that came into being on the inheritance of Residential Model School (RMS). The aim of establishing the Girls' Cadet College was to spread quality education among the young meritorious girls with a view to making them all round potential citizen to qualify defense as well as civil services. The young girl cadets for the classes of VIII, IX and X walked into the first ever Girls' Cadet College on 29 March 1983. On 29 May 1983 the first batch of class VII was inducted in Mymensingh Girls' Cadet College.The College has run all the way since 1982 with its motto. "Oh lord Enhance my knowledge".

Pabna Cadet College Web Site Link

Pabna Cadet College is a military high school, modeled after public schools in the UK (according to the Public Schools Act 1868), financed partially by the Bangladesh Army, located at Jalalpur, east of Pabna town, Bangladesh. Pabna Cadet College boards approximately 300 boys between the ages of 12 and 18 (roughly 50 in each year for grade-7 ) through a nationwide admission test composed of written, oral and medical examinations.

Rajshahi Cadet College Web Site Link

Rajshahi Cadet College is 25 km away from Rajshahi city. The college, the foundation of which was laid by the then President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Ayub Khan, on 6 November 1964, was formally inaugurated on 11 February 1966 as Ayub Cadet college, which was renamed soon after the independence of Bangladesh. The college was initially named Ayub Cadet College. It was established in 1966 during the Pakistan period. Pakistani dictator and Field Marshal Ayub Khan named the institution by his own name and laid the foundation stone. East Pakistan Governor Munaim Khan, a collaborator of the Pakistan occupation army who was later assassinated in 1971, inaugurated the college. The name was changed after Bangladesh obtained independence, and it is now known as Rajshahi Cadet College (RCC).

Rangpur Cadet College. Web Site Link

Rangpur Cadet College, is a military high school for boys in Rangpur, Bangladesh having about 300 cadets, 50 in each grade from 7th to 12th. A cadet college is an institution following the model of English public schools. The Pakistan government established the first cadet college in 1954 before the liberation of Bangladesh. In 1979, Rangpur Cadet College was established as the sixth cadet college of Bangladesh. The former Rangpur Residential Model High School was converted into a cadet college with some infrastructural modification.

Sylhet Cadet College Web Site Link

Sylhet Cadet Colleges is a military high school for boys (Grade VII - XII) situated 7 km north to Sylhet divisional City, east to the Osmani Air Port Road, beside Parjatan motel of Sylhet. When Bangladesh (as East Pakistan) was part of Pakistan, Pakistan Army established some cadet colleges in West Pakistan (Now Pakistan) and some cadet colleges in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in the form of British Public Schools Act 1868. After the liberation war, Bangladesh Army established eight more cadet colleges (among them Mymensingh Girls Cadet College, Joypurhat Girls Cadet College, Feni Girls Cadet College had been established for girls). Sylhet Cadet College is the first cadet college established after the liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971. It was established in Pakistan as a model school in 1969. In 1974, it was modified and converted to a model college. Bangladesh Army modified this model college and converted it to a cadet college in 1978.