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Early History

On the 15th February 1948, the East Bengal Regiment was raised at Kurmitola, Dhaka under the prudent leadership of late Major Mohammad Abdul Gani. Until the Great Liberation War of 1971 there were 8 battalions of the East Bengal Regiment with their remarkable achievements. On night 25 March 1971 Pakistan Army brutally killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Bangali civilians and uniformed personnel. As a result, Bengali soldiers in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) revolted and initiated the liberation war of Bangladesh in March 1971. In a cabinet meeting of the provisional government of Bangladesh held on 11 July 1971, liberation war was structured through dividing the Bangladesh into 11 sectors and organizing Bangladeshi regular forces more on strategy of small group guerrilla actions. Later three regular Infantry Brigades S, K and Z Force were raised to fight conventional battles.

Post 1971: The Emergence of the Bangladesh Army

In post liberation war era, three regular Infantry Brigades S, K and Z Forces formed the nucleus of Bangladesh Army. All arms and services underwent tremendous reformation. To meet the growing need of time, new units, brigades and divisions were raised. Centers and schools of various Arms and Services were also raised with the time for strengthening the training and administrative capabilities. Every corps can proudly claim to have an institution of their own where officers and men are trained in their respective arms/services/trades.

Subsequent Reform and Development of Bangladesh Army

Bangladesh Army went through the process of expansion and modernization in all respects with the passage of time. Recently Government has adopted long terms expansion and modernization plan of the army under ‘Forces Goal 2030’. In the process, two Infantry Division Headquarter and a Composite Brigade Headquarters have been raised. Moreover, massive organizational transformation has been carried out in many military outfits. Modern weapons and equipments like Main Battle Tank-2000, Radar Controlled Self Propelled Gun, FM-90 and Weapon Locating Radar etc have also been incorporated. Infrastructural development works and different welfare measures have been taken to upgrade operational efficiency in Army.