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Construction Work Details

Scour Protection of Meghna Bridge and Maintenance of Meghna Bridge & Gumti Bridge.


1. Objectives of the Project. The main objectives of the project are-

(a) To Project the threatened pier no 6 of Meghna Bridge against river bed scouring which has started to occur after completion of river bed scour protection works near pier no 7, 8, and 9in 2013.

(b) To carryout periodic repair and maintenance of Hinge Bearings and Expansion Joints of both Meghna and Gumti Bridges as per maintenance manual supplied by consultants and implementing agency after completion of Rehabilitation works in 2013.

(c) To prevent deterioration of both Meghna and Gumti bridges thereby avoid expensive Rehabilitation works.

(d) To increase the life of the bridges.

2. Total Length: Meghna Bridge -930m, Gumti Bridge -1410m.