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Construction Work Details

Dev Proj of Graveyard Near National Martyred Monument at Rayer Bazar.



1. According to ‘Development Project Proposal’ (DPP), this particular‘Graveyard Dev Proj’ involves establishment of a burial ground of 79.6505 acres of land incl the provision of 80,500 graves and other facilities with a view to facilitating burial right of Muslim community at Dhaka. As one of the priority and pledged proj of the government, Armed Forces Division (AFD) of Prime Minister’s Office was req to implement the proj of dev a graveyard for public near Ntl Martyred Monument at Rayerbazar by BD Army in early Apr 2013.

2. The DPP of this proj was formulated by Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) and approved in Executive Committee of National Economic Council (ECNEC)on 22 Mar 2011. The estimated cost of this proj was Tk 50560.11 lacks (Tk Five Hundred Five Crore Fifty Six Lacs and Eleven Thousand) and implementation period was from Jul 2011 to Dec 2013. However, BD Army got involved in implementation of this proj with the total amount of Tk. 118.8861 crore excluding land acquisition and svy aspects of the proj. AFD accorded approval to implement the proj by BD Army through Proj Implementation Policy (PIP) of its own. PIP was signed by CAS on 29 Apr 2013 and HQ 14 Indep Engr Bde wast asked. Accordingly, 5 RE Bn was given the responsibility of implementing the proj. Having depl at Rayerbazar on 11 May 2013, the proj formally started with own engr plants/eqpt of the Fmn from 17 May 2013.

3. In the process of implementation, new Master plan and RDPP were prep to meet various reqr of LGRD Ministry as well as DNCC. RDPP was approved on 01 Oct2013 and timeline extended up to Jun 2014. The overall proj cost increased toTk. 54436.75 lacks. The proj implemented by BD Army worth Tk. 15495.70 lacks. Due to lack of fund, the proj completion time extended up to Jun 2015 by a Ministerial meeting held at Ministry of LGRD and Cooperatives.

Army Construction img Army Construction img

Features of the Proj

4. All the works of the proj are alreadycompleted. The total allotted money has been received from DNCC and financialprogress of the proj is 100%. The features of the proj are as fol:


Sand Filling


12,21,858.04 cum


Earth Filling with proper compaction


5,81,528.36 cum


Boundary Wall


3.208 km


Main Gate


01 Nos


Alternative Gate


02 Nos


No of Graveyards


85,339 Nos


Office Building


01 Nos (214.98 sqm)


Janaja& Dead Body Shed


01 Nos (283.72 sqm)


Road Works


6.6866 km




29.71 km


Walkway shed


28 Nos


Facilities point


05 Nos


Drainage System


9.202 km


Network Arch Bridge


01 Nos


Foot over Bridge


02 Nos


Canal Embankment Protection


30,000 sqm


Arboriculture (Tree Plantation+ Turffing)


2,909 nos

24,417 sqm


Electrification Works

(1) 250 kVA Sub Station

(2) Electric Pole

(3) Light Point




01 Nos

113 Nos

505 Nos