ACC and S

Maj Gen Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq, ndc, psc

Colonel Commandant, Armoured Corps

 Brig Gen A K M Shawkat Hasan, psc


Armoured Corps Centre & School


1.   The Armoured Corps Centre & School is called as “HOME OF ARMOUR”. It is located at Majira Cantonment, Bogra. The Cantonment is adjacent to Dhaka-Bogra highway. It is about 10 km south of Bogra town and 187 km north west of capital Dhaka. This institution provides basic and advanced training to officers, junior commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers of armoured corps. Presently this institution is functioning under Army Training and Doctrine Command.

2.   This institution was raised on 01 Oct 1977 at Jahangirabad Cantonment of Bogra district. Thereafter it was shifted to present location on 11 Mar 1979. Initially this institution functioned as an adhoc organisation with limited training facilities. With the passage of time and process of development this institution has bloomed as a composite training institution. This institution has splendid indoor technical training facilities on versatile arms, armament and heavy vehicle like Tank and APC. This institution also conducts  outdoor tactical and tank driving exercises for trainee. The recently installed composite simulator on tank driving and firing, has added a new dimension on overall training facilities of the institution. Overseas Students also joins in various courses run by this institution.

3.   The institution has been honoured with the National Standard  on 25 Apr 94 and Regiment Colour on 26 Apr 94.

1.       Mission.

          a.       School.     To provide basic and advanced training to Officers and train Officers/Junior 

          Commissioned Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers as Instructors for the Corps.

          b.       Centre :

                   (1)     To provide basic military training and technical trade training to all recruits.

                   (2)     To run upclassification (Grade-1) technical cadres/Advance Trade Training  for Wireless, 

                   Gunnery, Driving and Maintenance for Non-Commissioned Officers and Promotion Cadres for the ranks

                   of Warrant Officers to Senior Warrant Officers.

                   (3)     To carry out the function of the Corps Records.

2.       Capabilities.

          a.       School can conduct following courses :

                    (1)     Armour Officers Basic Course.

                    (2)     Unit Command Course.

                    (3)     Junior Tactical Course/Squadron  Commanders Course.

                    (4)     Advance Technical & Instructor Course for Officers and Technical Officers Course(Self Propelled

                    Artillery/Medium Artillery/Mortar /Heavy Artillery/ Mechanised Infantry).

                    (5)     Driving and Maintenance Instructor Course –Officers/Junior Commissioned Officers and

                    Non-Commissioned Officers.

                    (6)     Wireless Instructor Course- Officers/Junior Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned


                    (7)     Gunnery Instructor Course- Officers/Junior Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned


                    (8)     Command Crew Course (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) – Non-Commissioned Officers.

                    (9)     Warrant Officers Course for Junior Commissioned Officers and Sergeants

                    Course for Non-Commissioned Officers.

                    (10)    Conversion Course for all new equipment inducted in the Corps.

          b.       Centre can conduct the following :

                    (1)     Train recruits in basic military training.

                    (2)     Conduct Initial Trade Training (ITT) for Drivers, Gunners and Operators.

                    (3)     Conduct Advance Trade Training (ATT) of Wireless, Gunnery, Driving  and Maintenance for the 

                    Non-commissioned Officers.

                    (4)     Conduct  Promotion  Examination  for  Sergeants to Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers  to

                    Senior Warrant Officers.

                     (5)     Regimental Drill Instructors Course.


In ACC&S following courses are run throughout the year:

Ser Name of the Courses Total Week
1. Unit Command Course 12
2. Armmoured officers’ Basic Course 26
3. Advance Technical & Instructor  Course 26
4. Warrant officers’ Course 08
5. Sergeants’ Course 10
6. Command Crew Course (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) 10

Driving and Maintainace  Unit Instructor Course (JuniorCommissioned

Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers)

8. Gunnery Unit Instructor Course(Junior Commissioned Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers) 10
9. Wireless Unit Instructor Course (Junior Commissioned Officers/Non-Commissioned Officers) 10
10. Advance Trade Training (Driving & Maintenance ) 10
11. Advance Trade Training (Gunnery) 10
12. Advance Trade Training (Wireless) 10
13. Recruit Training 2

 Recruit Attestation Parade  AFV course firing at Hathazari

Practical Class on Simulator Practical class on Tank

  Recovery Class On Tank Tank Driving
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